Inspired by Rabbi David Cooper’s z"l use of Hebrew cards containing Biblical verses for contemplative meditation, in the early 1990s I created “Pasook Packs”. These Biblical flashcards contained verses, mainly from Tehillim/Psalms, for contemplative, educational and creative purposes. They proved to be very popular. Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalom z”l, would regularly pick a card during his daily prayers.

I have updated those physical cards, transforming them into this on-line “Pasook Picker”, which contains visual imagery, unlike the original cards. All the verses come from Tehillim/Psalms. I have transliterated the Hebrew and modified the new JPS Biblical translation, also drawing on Reb Zalman's Psalm translations.

In the original deck, I provided 101 uses for the cards. With this online version, I trust you to find your own.

Enjoy and enjoy all your blessings,

Rabbi Schachar Orenstein

Montreal Open Shul & Aleph Canada